good news for moped riders

Hero launches new bike worth Rs 19999, gives 60 miles of mileage and more great features 

The price of petrol is constantly increasing. But the driver is forced to buy gasoline. Two-wheeler manufacturer Hero Hero has launched a scooter that runs from electric but not from gasoline. Government of India is running a campaign to convert all vehicles into electric vehicles by 2030. The Hero Company named the train as E-Flash Scooter.

  • Price and mileage

The Hero Company has kept the initial X-showroom price of e-flash scooter at Rs 19999. The Government of India is giving subsidy of 14000 rupees on this electric scooter, appreciating the Hero's company's move, this is the reason that the price of scooters is only 19999. Hero E-Flash is capable of traveling 60 kilometers on full charge.


This electric scooter's engine has a 250-watt electric motor, which gets power from 40 volt 20 amp battery. Explain that this scooter can go up to 65 kilometers per hour with 2 riders.