Why are the colorful Mile Stones on the road? Meaning of each color?

Why are the colorful Mile Stones on the road?

Learn the meaning of each color.

Going to a long drive away from the city's noisy atmosphere or going to a picnic is a different fun. This trip with the family is always memorable if you are with a car and a girlfriend that you are on a bike. So you have never noticed that the colors of the milestone appearing there while changing on the highway are changing. Let us tell you what the different colored stones suggest.

Yellow colored Milestone: You often see yellow colored milestones while traveling on the road. If the upper part is yellow in color, it means that you are running on a National Highway. Yellow colored milestones are only applied on the National Highway.

Green Colored Milestones: On the road when you see a green striped milestone, know that you're at State Highway. A road made by any state of the country has a green stripe and these roads are in full control of the state government and it is done by the state government.

Black or brown colored Milestone: If you see black striped milestones on the road during travel, then understand that you are moving towards a major city or district. The road comes under control of the coming district. The road is also organized by the city's governance. In many places, only the white colored milestones are applied on the road leading to the urban boundaries.

Orange Colored Milestone: You can see the orange-colored milestone on the road while on the rural areas of the countryside.  By looking at it, you can easily know that this road is built under the Prime Minister's Gram Sadak Yojana.

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